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My boyfriend has really curly hair (like Jewish grade hair, because he is Jewish, I’m pointing this out to give you an idea of what its like), I’m black and i have naturally curly hair also and i straighten it with a relaxer (just to give you an idea). He doesn’t take care of his [...] i have thin hair, will they be too thick for me? Also, how do i take care of them?

Well. I’ve always had bad hair. Terrible hair. It’s really short and damaged. I used to go to the salon to get it done but since I started college 4 years ago (and since graduating) I have never been. My mom puts microbraids in my hair and I keep them in for a long time. [...]

Hi, How long should my hair be before I even think about getting dreads? Whats the easiest method, that looks good and dosent need as much maintenance. Also I know Of course there a certain point where you should stop growing them but im white (not saying only black people can grow dreads and look [...]

Is there a product similar to Sun-In that makes your hair darker instead of lighter? Instead of Sun-In SPRAY, is there like a spray that makes your hair darker by spraying it in your hair and than using a blow dryer? I want my hair to be a darker color because it’s brown and I [...]

at school it’s like every single guy that is black has a bald head or a really short haircut. Sometimes they have like a Nike symbol carved into it but that’s the only style I’ve seen. What happened to corn rows and afros? afros are awesome.

I want my hair to be long, but I don’t want to hair for my hair to grow naturally. So I am considering buying hair extensions but I don’t know where I should get them from.. Any suggestions??

I’m black, and when I had it totally natural, I used to have really tight curls in my hair for the first day or two after I washed it, and then it would get frizzy. Since then, I’ve gotten a texturizer in my hair, and I get a really nice curl on the top layers [...]

What products should i use? What kind of hair ties for the girl? How often should I wash their hair so that it will not dry out? They are 1/2 black, 1/4 mexican, 1/4 white. Thanks for any help!

i have fine but THICK hair thats wavy… semi curly(depeneds on the day) and brown with blonde undertones and highlights are they bad for your hair? how pricey are they exactly?

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